Romanians are watching TV six hours a day, study reveals

Romanians are watching TV almost six hours every day and are daily seeing 17,000 commercials, on an average basis, but they only remember five advertising spots, a study conducted by Starcom media agency, shows. Thus, Romania ranks the first places in the world for the time spent in front of the TV set and Romania is also one of the most developed TV markets in Europe.

Alexandra Iavorschi, Starcom Associate Manager Director told “The Future of TV Advertising” conference on Thursday that televisions is still in the lead in Romania, holding about 60 percent of the media budget in Romania. “In 2013, if we add all advertising minutes on all monitored TV channels, there will be 6.5 million advertising minutes on all channels,” Alexandra Iavorschi said.

The media agency’ representative considers “TV is still king and it will keep on being”, despite the advertising budgets have dropped. “Television is still a business, no TV channel has closed down,” she also pointed out. Starcom’s manager showed that another type of advertisement is gaining more and more ground in Romania as well and that is the “sponsorship” concept, which makes the brand presence rise outside the advertisement time.

According to a Google barometer, 50 percent of the Romanian respondents admitted they are navigating on the net while watching TV in the so-called “second green” effect. According to Iavorschi, multiscreening is linked to passion, explaining there is a lot of Internet searching about a certain TV show precisely in the day that the show is broadcast.

“The Future of TV Advertising” conference was organized by Mediafax, and Discovery.

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