Romanians blocked on the Cancun airport allowed to enter Mexico

The charge d’affaires from Romania’s Embassy to Mexico, Ionuț Vâlcu, announced that the Romanians who had been blocked on the airport in Cancun have been allowed to enter Mexico. In retort, the Mexican Foreign minister wrote that Romanians “will be always welcome” and that the Mexican government is working so that such situations should never happen again”.

“I am at the airport in Cancun, where the Romanian tourist are being allowed to the country. I particularly want to thank to Marcelo Ebrard, the Secretariat for Foreign Affairs, National Immigration Institute and to Eduardo Albor for all the support and actions”, the Romanian diplomat posted on Twitter

The Mexican FM replied to his tweet, saying that “we are at your service”. “We are working with the support of the National Immigration Institute to prevent such situations from happening again. Romanians will be always welcome to Mexico”, the Mexican FM said.

One of the Romanian tourists who were banned from entering Mexico posted on Facebook that he had been released following a ruling of a local court, but also “upon the pressure and negotiations of the Romanian authorities through the Foreign Affairs Ministry and with the support of consul Ionuț Vâlcu.”

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