Romanians’ most popular searches on Google in 2021

Although the issues related to the pandemic were the focus of attention for Romanians, Google search lists show that in 2021 the topics changed compared to last year: from information about the virus, restrictions and pandemic in general, in 2020, to searches for vaccines, prevention and resuming the activities in 2021.

In the top of the most popular Google searches in Romania this year there are three related to vaccination: the green certificate, the vaccination lottery and the vaccination schedule. Topping Google search was also  the European Football Championship, scheduled for 2020 and postponed to 2021.

Information about COVID prevention was also in high demand, along with the product that generates “buzz” at the launch of each new iteration: iPhone.

The “phenomenon” series – as the press called it – Squid Game also has a place in the top of the most popular searches, along with another appearance that took the world by surprise: tennis player Emma Răducanu, who won the US Open at only 18 years and has Romanian origins.

The actress and television star Alexandra Dinu generated a high interest in searches, as well as the death of the folk music singer Petrică Mîțu Stoian.

Along with Alexandra Dinu and Emma Răducanu, in the top of the people who generated the most interest in searches are the young swimmer David Popovici, but also the football player Christian Eriksen, the Dane who suffered a heart attack during the match with Finland from Euro 2020.

Education is a topic that has generated growing interest in search in 2021, with Romanians being interested to find out on Google about Google Classroom, Adservio sau 24edu, or about opening schools.

As every year, Romanians have wondered when is Black Friday, but were also interested in some of the local traditional customs: “when to put basil under the pillow?”.

The pandemic has affected the mental balance of many, which can be seen in Google searches: Romanians have sought to find out what the symptoms of anxiety and depression are, beyond the health problems caused by the COVID-19 virus.

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