Romanians, optimistic about the future of the EU

Two out of three Romanians (66%) are optimistic about the future of the European Union, much above the European average (57%). The representative values for the EU are the human rights (34% Romania, 33% EU), democracy (32% Romania, 33% EU) and peace (32% Romania, 40% EU). These are several conclusions drawn by the national report for Romania, part of Eurobarometer standard 88 survey, informs.

47% of Romanians believe the EU is heading to the right direction, more than the European average by 17 percentage points. Regarding Romania, 64% of the Romanian respondents say the country is heading in the wrong direction, the European average being 49%.

7 out of 10 Romanians involved in the survey have heard about the Brexit and believe Romania should speed up the integration process in the EU and only 16% say it should slow down.

Three quarters of the interviewees agree on the idea that a new European project is needed, whereas one fifth believes the European project should be abandoned.

69% of the participants to the survey agree Romania has much to gain by integrating in the EU.

9 of 10 interviewees say they agree with the idea that Romania should play an active role in the relaunch of the European project, whereas 93% believe that Romania should prove it is further attached to the values and fundamental principles of the European Union.


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