Romania’s Cancer Cases Surge by Over 20%

​The number of new cancer cases was 21% higher in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to data from the National Institute of Public Health, the Federation of Cancer Patient Associations reported on Monday. According to the organization, the number of people with cancer in Romania in the doctors’ records exceeded 550,000.
In Romania, at the level of 2023, cancer represented the second cause of mortality after cardiovascular diseases.
On World Cancer Day, marked every year on February 4, it is estimated that the number of cancer cases in the European Union will increase by 24% by the year 2035, so that this serious disease will become the main cause of death.
The president of FABC, Cezar Irimia, stated in a press conference that, every year, in Romania, there are over 20,000 avoidable deaths from oncological pathology, over 45% more than the European average.
It is the Globocan statistic from 2022. (…) We are one year underfunded compared to what is needed, especially since we have medicines waiting, to come into their possession as treatment. They have long been passed by the National Medicines Agency. I think there are 39, as far as I can remember, of new drugs, entered on the list or new indications, and 11 have no therapeutic alternative. Here I could talk about triple negative cancer, where more than 800 women in Romania could benefit from life-saving treatments“, said Cezar Irimia, at the press conference organized on the occasion of World Cancer Day – February 4.
According to him, although the fund allocated to Health has increased, the money is “insufficient”, in the conditions where the treatments are waiting to reach the patients.
According to the Federation of Associations of Cancer Patients, data from the European Cancer Inequalities Registry show that Romania has the highest premature mortality rate from breast cancer and cervical cancer in Europe, as well as the fourth highest premature mortality rate from lung cancer.
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