Russian editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta donates his Nobel medal to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund

Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021, and his newspaper have decided to donate the medal to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund for auction, according to a message posted on the website publication.

“Novaya Gazeta and I decided to offer the Nobel Medal to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund. There are already over 10 million refugees. I ask you to answer to the auction house that will put this world-famous prize up for sale “, wrote Dmitri Muratov.

He also published a report on what can be immediately done on the Ukraine war: “Let’s cease fire, exchange prisoners, render the dead bodies, provide humanitarian corridors and assistance, help the refugees.

“We are reporting to you everything that happens in Russia and worldwide. Our journalists are not afraid to obtain the truth and show it to you. In a country where authorities are constantly forbidding something, including the ban on telling the truth, there should be publications to keep on committing to real journalism. Our support will help us, Novaya Gazetta, to continue to be such a publication.”

Dmitry Muratov, 59, is a Russian journalist and editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, considered “the only truly critical newspaper with a national influence in Russia today” by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Muratov was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October last year, along with Filipino journalist Maria Ressa.

He collected his award in December 2021, warning at the time that a war between Russia and Ukraine was possible.

Soon after Muratov’s announcement on donating his Novel medal for the Ukrainian refugees, Russia warned Novaia Gazeta, the country’s last major independent newspaper, of failing to comply with the law on marking “foreign agents”

Roskomnadzor, the Russian media watchdog, officially warned Novaia Gazeta on Tuesday that one of the articles published on its website referred to an NGO listed by Moscow as a “foreign agent” without being marked. as such in the material.

Roskomnadzor also announced that he had “reminded” Novaia Gazeta journalists that issuing several such warnings in a year could lead to the closure of the publication.

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