Baby dolphin born in captivity in Constanta, a first in Romania

The father is a rescued male from Ukraine.
The first viable baby dolphin was born at the Constanța Dolphinarium, being a first in Romania, the management of the dolphinarium announced, on Wednesday, in a press conference.
“The first viable baby dolphin was born in our pool. It’s a first in Romania with a baby dolphin born viable in captivity,” said the director of the Constanta Natural Sciences Museum Complex, Ioan Mihai Nache.
He says that for now the sex of the cub is not known, the mother being very protective, and for 30 days it will be kept away from strangers. “When we had the request from the Ukrainians to save some animals, we didn’t think about developing any scientific projects, we just wanted to be in solidarity (…). I had and still have faith in the professional people here, from the dolphinarium“, stated in the press conference the president of the Constanţa County Council, Mihai Lupu.
The baby dolphin was born on March 8, the employees of the dolphinarium had a surprise when they saw it in the pool.
“The experiment put on paper was the rescue of dolphins (from Ukraine, n.r.). On March 8th, I received the news that in the pool, next to the dolphins I knew, there is a little one trying to swim with his mother. (…) I told him baby for now, the chick is now learning to swim properly, learning to eat, learning to be safe from others”, said Angelica Curlişcă, head of the Dolphinarium section of the Constanța Natural Sciences Museum Complex.
She added that three females and one male were rescued from Ukraine. The cub is born by a female of the dolphinarium, Chen Chen, and the father is a male brought from Ukraine.
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