Searches in the case of the monkey found in Bucharest: Exotic animals discovered in the house of local criminal gang leader

Bucharest police officers are conducting searches at the house of Nutu Cămătaru, a well-known boss of a criminal gang, in the file of the monkey found and caught in district 5 of Bucharest several days ago.

Following house searches, the investigators have discovered several exotic animals on Cămătaru’s property, including other two monkeys, two lemurs and a camel.

While the monkeys and the lemurs have been taken, the camel will remain at Nuţu Cămătaru. “The Environment Guard can provide more information“, said the representatives of the association for Animals Protection.

According to a press release, policemen within Police Precinct no 24, under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office upon District 5 Court are conducting searches in District 5.

Sources told journalists that it is about Nutu Cămătaru’s house.

As for the monkey that escaped last week and was seen by a woman in her courtyard, it was captured following a long hour chase and taken to a rehabilitation centre for wild animals. The monkey, named Aki, will remain within the centre for 30 days to undergo several blood tests. It will be most probably taken to a zoo in the future. Aki is a three-year-old young macaque.

Nuțu Cămătaru’s passion for exotic animals is nothing new. In February 2013, policemen found out other such animals in the courtyard of his house.

Camataru gang is famous in Bucharest for their shady businesses. Brothers Nuţu and Sile Cămătaru were arrested in 2004 for blackmail, fraud and loan sharking. In the summer of 2018, Nuţu Cămătaru was leaving Jilava penitentiary, riding a pure blood horse. He is known for his extravagant actions.

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