Several Ukrainian refugees reached Romania through the mountains. One died and another found frozen

Several Ukrainian refugees tried to reach Romania through the Maramureș Mountains. Due to the snow, one could not move forward, so the intervention of mountain rescuers was needed. Another man did not survive, being found dead in a ravine.

During the night, at 2.48, at 112, it was announced that a lost person was found by two rescuers from Ukraine, on the territory of Ukraine, said the spokesperson of CJSU Maramureş.

The person had frozen feet and could not be transported on foot, so he received medical help on the spot from the two rescuers, according to the quoted source.

At the same time, rescuers requested the intervention of a helicopter for transport to a hospital as soon as possible, and one of the two rescuers sent the coordinates so they could be located.

The injured man’s father was found dead in a ravine.

In the Maramureş Mountains, on the Romanian-Ukrainian border, the snow cover in some places reaches 1 meter, and the weather changes rapidly.


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