Severe weather warning: Heavy rain and strong wind through Wednesday evening

The National Meteorological Administration has issued a warning of torrential rain, lightning and hail until Wednesday, valid throughout the country.

Between Monday 4:00 p.m. and Wednesday 10:00 p.m., meteorologists announce periods in which atmospheric instability will be accentuated: on the evening of Monday and on the night of Monday to Tuesday (April 24/25) in the western half of the territory, during the day of on Tuesday in most of the country, and on Wednesday especially in the south and east.

The instability will be manifested by showers that will also have a torrential character, in some places thunderstorms and isolated hail. In short periods of time or through accumulation, the amounts of water will be 15…25 l/sq m, and especially in mountain areas, on restricted areas of over 30…40 l/sq m.

Temporarily, the wind will intensify in most regions, with speeds, in general, of 45…55 km/h.

In the high mountain area, especially during Wednesday, gusts will exceed 70…80 km/h and there will be precipitation in the form of sleet and snow. Such phenomena will be in the afternoon of Monday, on restricted areas in the northern half of Moldova, as well as in hill and mountain areas.

What will the weather be like in Bucharest?

According to the special forecast for Bucharest, the sky will be temporarily cloudy and especially during the afternoons of Tuesday and Wednesday there will be showers accompanied by thunderstorms and short-term strong wind gusts.

The maximum temperature on Monday will be 21-22 degrees, then the thermal values ​​will gradually decrease, so that 15-16 degrees will be recorded on Wednesday. The minimum temperatures will be 7-10 degrees.

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