Shocking details after the murder from the Slatina hospital, forensic doctors say they haven’t seen such cruelty

Forensic doctors investigating the crime from the psychiatric ward at Slatina Hospital were shocked after they had undergone the necropsy on the two corpses (of the EMT and of the nurse), saying they haven’t seen such cruelty.

The head of the Olt forensic service, Liviu Radu, said that the EMT Gheorghe Ghenea and nurse Ramona Cosmescu had a violent death due to the extreme internal and external bleeding.

The death is similar in both of the cases. The death was violent, caused by extreme bleeding as a result of the multiple cervical and thorax wounds. The cervical wounds have affected the neck’s nerves, in both cases. It was extreme bleeding,” the doctor said.

According to the forensic examination, after he murdered the nurse, the EMT has repeatedly stabbed himself with the knife.

The woman had 17 knife wounds and he had about 13, and the doctors say there hasn’t been any fight, he has just stabbed her until she died. The nurse’s deepest wound was at her neck.

Liviu Radu says he hasn’t seen such cruelty before: “I saw something similar once, but however, the man hadn’t stabbed himself so many times, it was just a stabbing in the heart”.

On the other hand, the murder’s sister announced she would file a complaint against the policeman mentioned by her brother in his suicidal note. Ghenea’s sister says the policeman is morally responsible for her brother’s deeds.

The woman added that her brother was rather quiet lately and that he hadn’t mentioned about having a relationship with nurse Ramona Cosmescu.

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