Shocking murder in Arges: Anti-organized crime police officer shoots his 3yo boy, then kills himself

A young policeman working for the organized crime department in Arges county has killed himself in an apartment in Pitesti after had shot his 3-year-old boy in the head while the little one was sleeping. First clues show the man might have done this over jealousy as the 29-year-old policeman and his wife, also a police officer at the Economic service, had got divorced.

The two had the shared custody of the boy. The woman took the boy to his father to spend the weekend on Saturday morning, but she became worried as the man did not answer her phone calls, so the woman notified the police.

The police officer was the son of Costel Frantescu, the chairman of the PNL branch in Mioveni, a small town in Arges, and also Liberal local councilman in the same town.

Sources within the investigators said the boy has been shot while he was sleeping. The boy has been found in a sleeping bag. Investigators have also found several suicide notes in the house, with the man justifying his deed.

Prosecutors say the first motive suspected in this case is jealousy, as the couple had just got divorce last week and the man had the impression that his wife had found a lover, also a police officer.

The divorce would have been filed by the woman. However, the wife had not filed any complaints against him and policeman had not been under any disciplinary actions so far.

He had been psychologically evaluated in January this year and had been declared fit for work.

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