Significant risk of avalanches in most mountains in Romania

Meteorologists warn that there is a high risk of avalanches in the Bucegi Mountains, at over 1,800 meters, and below this altitude, the risk is moderate.

High avalanche risk means risk of level four on a scale of one to five, while moderate risk is equivalent to risk of level two.

In most of the mountains in the country, at over 1,800 meters, there is a significant risk, of the third degree on a scale from one to five, of producing avalanches, being the mountains of Făgăraş, Ţarcu, Godeanu, Parâng, Şureanu, Rodnei, Călimani , Bistriţei, Ceahlău.

The highest snow layer measured at a weather station in the mountain area continues to be at Bâlea Lac and Vârfu Omu, over 2.5 meters.


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