Sixteen Iraqis caught after crossing the Danube

Sixteen Iraqis, including six children, have been caught while illegally entering Romania after they crossed the Danube with the help of guides, to whom they have paid EUR 35,000 per family.

According to the Bechet Border Police, the policemen have discovered sixteen people on the night of Monday to Tuesday, near the Romanian bank of the Danube, near the border village of Gighera, Dolj County.

They were taken to the SPF Bechet offices, where it was established they come from Iraq. The group consisted of eight men, two women and six children, aged between 10 and 42 years.

Iraqis said they left home with the intention of reaching Germany. In this regard, they travelled on the Turkey-Bulgaria route, where they stayed for a while and were later taken over by guides who led them to the bank of the Danube, and have crossed the river with two boats. The migrants said they paid the guides amounts of EUR 35,000 per family.

Border guards are conducting searches for ‘illegal border crossing’; the migrants will be handed over to the Bulgarian Border Police.

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