Snow Alert in Mountainous Areas of 14 Counties. Rain Across the Country, While Cold Persists

​A Code Yellow warning of significant snowfall for the Southern Carpathians and Curvature Carpathians will come into force on Monday, at 18:00, informs the National Meteorological Administration.

Therefore, until Tuesday, at 12:00, at altitudes of over 1,500 meters in the Southern Carpathians and in the Curvature Carpathians, snowfall will prevail, locally significant in quantity, and a layer of snow will be deposited.

The counties that will be partially under yellow snow code are: Caraş – Severin, Hunedoara, Alba, Sibiu, Braşov, Covasna, Vrancea, Buzău, Prahova, Dâmboviţa, Argeş, Vâlcea, Gorj and Mehedinţi.
At the same time, a rain alert is in force in all regions, but also strong wind in the southern and southeastern regions.
“The water quantities will mount locally to 10…15 l/sqm and in Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea and in the southern half of Moldova, in limited areas, they will be over 30 l/m2 . There will be mostly showers, isolated accompanied by electrical discharges. In the mountain area, the precipitation will be mixed. There will be wind gusts in the southern and southeastern regions with speeds generally between 45 and 55 /kmph”, states ANM.
Temperatures will remain low throughout the week, according to a ANM. “From a thermal point of view, we are talking about values at the level of maximum temperatures that will characterize colder weather, especially in the northern half of the country, where we expect maximum temperatures not to exceed 12 degrees Celsius, while in the extreme south of the country we record values of 17…18 degrees Celsius.
“During the following nights, the minimums will drop to negative values, especially in depressions, up to -5 degrees Celsius. Starting from Wednesday, especially in the south-eastern half of the country, the weather will warm up and we will be able to record in Bărăgan and in the west of Dobrogea, values close to 24 degrees Celsius, while in the intra-Carpathian regions, the maximum will not exceed 14 … 15 degrees Celsius. From Thursday, there will be a cooling again”, stated Elena Mateescu, ANM director.
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