Snowfalls, sub-zero temperatures in the mountains

Winter seems to have settled down in the mountainous areas, as it continued on Tuesday, with blizzards and snow.

The coldest was at Omu Peak – the temperature dropped to minus 7 degrees, and in the Călimani Mountains the snow layer reached 14 centimeters. Meteorologists say that this cold wave will last until Friday, but it is possible that others will follow in the next period.

On Transfăgărășan, on Tuesday morning, the snow layer measured 5 centimeters. The road workers cleared the road with a blade machine and spread a ton and a half of salt. Even so, drivers are advised to prepare for winter conditions if they want to get there. So are those who go hiking. The temperature has dropped to minus three degrees Celsius and will not rise much above 0 during the day.

It snowed in the Postăvaru massif as well. An employee from Poiana Brașov filmed the landscape from the terrace of the cabin located at 1,600 meters, a little before noon. In the north of Moldova, on Giumalău, there is also a consistent layer of snow.

In Valea Bârgăului, in Bistrita-Năsăud county, the temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius at night even though we are almost in the middle of September. The same situation was reported in Pasul Prislop.

Meteorologists announce that the temperatures will remain low in the following days, and the minimum can drop to minus 5 degrees, on top of the mountain, with snowfalls still expected.

The last few days have brought temperatures below those values ​​in many regions of the country. They were in the mountain area -7 degrees at Vârful Omu, -4 at Bâlea, according to Florinela Georgescu, ANM director.

Meteorologists say that after a short warmer period next week, temperatures will drop again at the end of the month.

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