28 calls to 112 warned the presence of the bear in Sibiu. Who gave the order to shoot?

New disclosures were revealed on the case of the bear shot in Sibiu, Romania. The Special Telecommunications Service (STS) informs that 28 calls to 112 reporting the bear’s presence in the city have been recorded on Wednesday, from 05:20 to 08:09. The calls have been transferred to the Emergency dispatching centres of the Police Inspectorates, of the Inspectorate for the Emergency Situation, to the Gendarmerie and the Ambulance.

“There were more calls during several minutes at some of the above-mentioned hours: 05:20, 07:46, 07:47, 07:49, 07:56, 07:57, 07:59, 08:02, 08:04, 08:07 and 08:09. Part of the calls haven’t been redirected to the intervention agencies for no information about the precise location of the bear was available,” the STS informs.

Police officers from Sibiu opened a criminal record for firearm use after the bear had wandered through the city for about three hours. It was eventually shot in the courtyard of a factory, stirring the civil society’s discontent.

Even President Iohannis criticized the authorities’ intervention, saying he “was stunned” and that it’s inadmissible that 50 people should be called for a bear and be disorganized and untrained and to shoot the animal in the end.

The President added that simple and clear procedures are needed and that the rescuers should know how to enforce them.

The representatives of the local institutions involved in the bear’s capture have been summoned at the Sibiu Prefect’s Office.

The Prefect Cristian Roman claims the lack of the protocols, saying he was the one who decided to shoot the animal.

Asked who gave that order, the head of the Sibiu Police, Tiberiu Ivancea said it was a police officer under him, but argues that the shooting order was correct in order to protect the people on the scene, who “risked being attacked”.

“One of the vets we called managed to shoot the bear with tranquillizers, from maximum 10 meters in a courtyard, he says. The tranquillizer hit the bear, but it fell over some flower pots due to the shock, not due to the tranquillizer. The bear has immediately got up and come towards the vet, as if it was to attack him. The man got out. The bear had been tranquillized at least half on an hour before being shot, which means the tranquilizer didn’t work, “said Ivancea.

He also added that there are four tranquillizer arms legally detained in Sibiu, two at the city Zoo, two at the Department for the Emergency Situations within the City Hall.


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