3 people dead, 1 missing, more than 760 evacuated. Some 100 localities affected by floods. Traffic affected on several national and county roads

More than 760 people have been rescued or evacuated from homes due to floods, the Interior Ministry announced on Saturday. According to the MAI, 99 localities in 19 counties are affected by floods, where more than 20,000 firemen, policemen and gendarmes intervene in support of the people. Hydrologists have issued more flood warnings, including Code Red, valid on hydro-graphic basins in about two-thirds of the country. Nine counties are under heavy Code Orange warning for rainfall, while for 19 counties meteorologists have issued Code Yellow.

The Interior Ministry informed Saturday night that it has intervened throughout the day in 99 localities in 19 counties, saving more than 760 people from risky situations. According to the cited source, the meteorological phenomena affected 255 houses, 632 courtyards, 95 basements/cellars, 6 bridges, 85 household annexes, 4 economic operators, 14 national road sections and 12 county road sections, 3 sections of railroad and 5 dams.

At the same time, a road connection was rebuilt between the localities of Chiliile and Cănesti, Buzău County, where 400 people were isolated Saturday morning. The road bridge was rebuilt with the support of intervention structures, using high-capacity equipment.

A man who tried Saturday night to cross the Doamna River in the Corbi village of Arges County, ignoring the warnings of the authorities, has died after being taken by flood.

A 70-year-old woman from the village of Mahriu, Vrancea County, was found dead Saturday night near a stream that was flooded by heavy rains. The last time she was seen was right on the waterfront, authorities searching for her more than 12 hours.

The Interior Ministry also announces that it has begun operations to unblock the water catchment area of ​​Lake Mocearu, which supplies drinking water to the communes of Chiliile and Cănesti. The clogging works continued during the night with the help of the gendarmes.

The Vrancea County Emergency Situations Committee also monitors the situation at the Trotuş dam, Călimăneşti.

More than 20,000 fire-fighters, policemen and gendarmes have intervened for more than 85 hours in the affected counties, and IGSU has carried out several staff and technical transfers from counties that are not affected by weather to the affected areas.

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