96 delinquencies during runoff, one person detained

A total of 96 delinquencies has been recorded in the runoff of presidential elections, for which a person has been detained and another 86 are being investigated, most of them for voters’ bribery and multiple voting, announced on Monday the Home Affairs Ministry (MAI).

“Following checks carried out so far, there have been found 96 crimes for which 87 persons are being investigated, out of whom one has been detained. Most of these people are being investigated for bribing the voters, for having voted two or several times and for violating the confidentiality of the vote. In all cases, the investigations are done under the coordination of the competent prosecutors. During the 2009 elections, in the runoff, investigations were conducted on 160 people,” said MAI spokesperson Monica Dajbog.

The person detained is a man from Gorj County who on Sunday has physically aggressed an old man near a polling station.

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