A Kurdish group fighting ISIS says two Romanian soldiers joined in

Kurdish group “Lions of Rojava”, fighting in Syria against ISIS, says on the Facebook page more soldiers come from various countries, among which two Romanians, informs the newspaper “Adevarul”.

The information related to the two Romanians who had joined YPG (“Yekîneyên Parastina Gel” – “Kurdistan People’s Defence Forces”) was made public on the “The Lions of Rojava” group’s Facebook page. It is a leading armed group in northern Syria carrying on a tough battle against the ISIS (“Islamic States of Iraq and Syria”) fundamentalists.

According to information from the Facebook account of The Lions of Rojava, the Kurdish army is backed by an international brigade made up of former soldiers. The Kurds argue that the first Romanian in YPG arrived in Syria on February 17, 2015. The posting of the picture shows a Romanian citizen in a vehicle with a gun, allegedly called Armantch. The post has raised over 600 likes numerous and comments in English, also some in Romanian.

The second Romanian showed on the Facebook page of the group “The Lions of Rojava” is allegedly named Erish. The message indicates that the “second Romanian of YPG came on April 17, 2015′. It has two pictures taken in civilian clothes in an apartment. Among the messages posted along with his photos there is a flag of Romania.

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