Afghan judge seeks protection of the Romanian state

An Afghan judge demands the protection of the Romanian state, after the Taliban devastated his house and is looking for him to arrest him. Immediately after the fall of Kabul, Omid, his wife and his two young children began the race for survival, according to TVR.

Omid is about 35 years old and has been a judge for more than 6 years. Over time, he has condemned many Afghans accused of terrorism.

Immediately after the fall of Kabul, the race for survival began for him, his wife and their two young children. They move from place to place, only at night, hoping that the new Taliban power will lose track of them.

“A few days ago, the Taliban came to my house, broke in and ransacked everything. They took my documents, my laptop, my personal belongings. They behaved very badly with their neighbors, they asked them where they were and they asked them to hand me over, “says Omid.

The judge did not have a passport, and the Taliban froze his accounts. Currently, his family lives on little money given by friends or relatives.

“We don’t have enough food. The children can’t go out, they can’t go to school. We are all depressed, we are like prisoners in a prison,” he said.

Omid claims that all his colleagues are hiding, but they will not be able to do that indefinitely. “If the situation continues, the Taliban will find us soon. If they arrest me, they will kill me 100%,” Omid said.

He has been in touch with his Romanian colleagues in the Judges’ Forum and hopes that they will be able to do something. Together with the authorities in Bucharest, the Association of Romanian Magistrates managed at the beginning of last month to remove 45 people, 7 judges and their families from Afghanistan. These days, the Judges’ Forum sent a letter to President Iohannis and asked him to help the Afghan magistrates. Currently, the MFA has asylum applications from 8 other Afghan judges, including Omid.

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