Capra Chalet on Transfagarasan hit by strong avalanche. Tourists unharmed

A large avalanche hit the Capra Chalet on Transfagarasan alpine road and the parking lot in front of the cabin during the weekend, according to the information provided by the Facebook page “Avalanches in the Carpathians”. 57 people, including children were at the chalet at the moment when the avalanche hit. Fortunately, no one was harmed, but the chalet and cars parked there were severely damaged. 14 of them were the chalet’s staff, while the rest were tourists from Bucharest, Timiș and Argeș .

“There are no victims, but there is material damage to both the cabin and several damaged cars. The avalanche ran on the slopes coming down from Cota 2,000 (Căldarea Berbecilor) Following the massive snow and wind of the last period, the risk of avalanche is high in the entire alpine hollow area of ​​the Făgăraş mountains. Also, at Bâlea Lac, traces of a large avalanche were observed in the Şaua Doamnei area (Bâlii Curmătura). Most likely, this avalanche flowed from under the Paltinul peak and crossed the area of ​​Seia Doamnei. As the snow and wind continue, it is expected to produce more avalanches triggered spontaneously, even in the mountain area below 2,000 m, some of them of large size”, said Dan Popescu, Head of the Sibiu Mountain Rescue Service.

The avalanche that affected the Capra area is 2 kilometers long. This is the distance from where it supposedly started to where it stopped. Rescue teams say one side hit the cottage and another ran into the parking lot and damaged cars parked there. Also, the forces that intervened today found the traces of another 7 smaller avalanches from where the road is closed to Capra.

The tourists who were stuck, on Saturday, at the Capra cabin, following an avalanche of proportions, were evacuated by the rescue teams, who already took a group of 17 people to Transfăgărășan. A second group is helped down.

The head of the Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat, told Digi24 that the tourists from the Capra cabin, who got there on DN7C, a road closed to traffic since October 30, put their lives in danger, as well as that of of the firefighters who intervened to save them. “The intervention, no matter how much we say that there is no chance of another avalanche, it still remains risky. If the road was closed and they risked to get there by breaking the rules, it means that the tourists put their lives in danger, but they also put the lives of the firefighters,” said Raed Arafat.

The Pitesti National Roads Department intervened with 4 snow trucks to cleat the road from km 104 to km 108, in the area of Capra Chalet and the access road to the chalet to bring all the blocked people to safety, and company representatives together with ISU and Salvamont have created a safe convoy for all avalanche-hit tourists, the National Road Infrastructure Administration Company (CNAIR) announced on Sunday.

CNAIR mentions that on November 14 it decided to close the road sector between Piscu Negru and Cabana Balea Cascada, km 104+000 – 130+800.

In the public statements since then, CNAIR stated that it succeeded through a sustained effort to keep traffic open for a longer period of time than usual, the decision to close it being taken because the main priority is the integrity and life of traffic participants. The decisions of this way are taken by experts from CNAIR together with the representatives of the National Road Sections and the Romanian Police. Today, only a miracle made the avalanche at Capra Chalet not to cause victims, the access of cars being prohibited on that part of the road precisely for that such events are possible in the area. We ask all traffic participants to respect the recommendations and restrictions given by CNAIR”, says a press release.


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