Caracal case: Transcript of phone calls between Alexandra and 112 revealed

The transcript of the phone calls between Alexandra, the girl kidnapped and allegedly murdered in Caracal, and the 112 operator and the police officer when the girl called for help while she was sequestered in the aggressor’s house, has been released.

The girl’s uncle, Alexandru Cumpanasu, has released the transcript on his Facebook page, arguing that the family agreed to reveal the transcript to show “the rottenness of a murderous system and the courage of this incredible child“. Cumpanasu said the parents just want justice in this case, but banned the mass media from broadcasting Alexandra’s voice.

“It was an extremely hard decision that belonged exclusively to Alexandra’s father and mother. This decision was extremely hard for such a normal and discrete family. The only reason the family wants to make the transcript public is for the entire country to see the rottenness of a murderous system and the courage of this incredible child. We just want JUSTICE and the culprits to be punished to prevent any villain of the Romanian state to KILL anymore in the future! In the name of the parents I beg everybody to treat this transcript with decency and respect. Alexandra’s mother and father BAN any person or mass media from broadcasting Alexandra’s voice!”, Cumpanasu said.

Alexandra’s first call, 11:05:08

112 operator (1): Hello, what is the emergency? Hello?

Alexandra Macesanu (A.M.): Hello, I want to talk to the police!

Op. 112 (1):What happened, madam? What’s your name?

A.M.: I am miss, I have 15 years old, I was kidnapped by a man yesterday..

Op. 112 (1): What’s your name?
A.M.: Măceșanu Alexandra, please, come quickly, I don’t know where I am…

Op. 112 (1):What do you mean you don’t know where you are? What locality?

A.M.: In Dobro … Aaa.. In Caracal, he took me in Caracal, but I don’t know exactly where…

Op. 112 (1) (ironic tone): Well, give me a milestone where you are in Caracal, how do you think we can find you? Hellooo?

A.M.:Yes, wait, please don’t leave…

Op. 112 (1): Were you raped?
A.M.: (crying) Yes, I was raped!
Op. 112 (1): Yes, stay on the phone, but try to give me a milestone to know exactly…how to find you!

A.M.: He came, he came, he came..Come quickly, please!!!

Call is s disconnected.

Op. 112 (1): Well, where shall we come in Caracal, man? What the hell shall I do, she is in Caracal, he raped her and took her in Caracal, but she doesn’t know where…and my police is talking…

Another operator is heard in the background

Op. 112 (2): Where are you in Caracal? Can you look? Look, look….

Op. 112 (2): But how do you know this man? Tell me this…

Op. 112 (1) to the police: My colleague will call you back right a way, we have the girl on another line. My colleague will call you, she is trying to get more information! The girl is kidnapped in Caracal, raped…

Policeman (1): Kidnapped?
Op. 112 (1):Yes, my colleague is trying to find where she might be…

Policeman (1): Alas…
Policeman (1): Yes, hurry up…
Op. 112 (1): Yes, she’ll call you right away, right away!

Alexandra’s second call, 11:06:25

Op. 112 (2): Hello, 112, what is the emergency? Hello?
A.M.: It’s me again!
Op. 112 (2): Where are you in Caracal?
A.M.: I was blindfolded, when I could see something for the first time I was near a dam, the man is called Popescu Lucian Gabriel (editor note: the name is the one on the business card found in Gheorghe Dinca’s place)

Op. 112 (2): Near a dam, Popescu Lucian…well, and where are you now ? Can you see?

A.M.: I cannot see, I am locked in a room, all I can see is a gate…

Op. 112 (2): Look, at…and how come do you know this man? Tell me this…

A.M.: So, yesterday I was hitchhiking to go to the town, and he took me with his car, he locked the car and he told me he can take me….

Op. 112 (2): You were hitchhiking… The license number, do you remember it ?

A.M.: No…
Op. 112 (2): What car, what color?
A.M.: The car was grey and flat-headed…

Op. 112 (2): Flat-headed?
A.M.: Yes!
Op. 112 (2): Is all you remember and now you are locked? Dd you pass by the dam?

A.M.: Yes, I saw the dam when I looked for the first time, but now I don’t know, I think I am in Bold or something, I don’t know.

Op. 112 (2): OK, do you have your phone with you, don’t you?

A.M.: Yes, but he’s got it! I’m calling from another number now.

Op. 112 (2): It doesn’t matter, where do you have this number from?
A.M.: What number?
Op. 112 (2): This one from where you are calling now. Where do you have it from?
A.M.: It’s his phone, I found it here..
Op. 112 (2): His phone?
A.M.: Yes!
Op. 112 (2): It’s his phone, good …
A.M.: Yes, madam, please, send someone, I am scared…

Op. 112 (2): There now, hold on, I believe you, stay on the phone if you can…

A.M.: (crying loud) I’m scared, I’m scared…

11:07:53 a.m. – Police took over the phone call.

Policeman(1): Hello
Op. 112 (2): Hello, police?
Policeman(1): Hello, she passed by the dam…
Op. 112 (2): She passed by the dam, from what she told me.. She is kidnapped since yesterday, this is his phone.

A.M.: Please, come quickly…
Policeman (1): Where shall we come? Tell us…

A.M.: What?
Policeman (1): where, where?
A.M.: I don’t know exactly, I passed by the dam, I think I am in Bold now, it can’t be anywhere else.

Policeman(1): Where? Where are you?
A.M.: In Bold…
Policeman (1): in Bold? Aaa… In Olt county?
A.M.: Yes, look, hold on…I found an address… 9 Antonius Caracalla boulevard, D.A….

Policeman (1): You stay there, stay there!. 9 Antonius Caracalla, is that right?
A.M.: Come quickly, I am scared, please, please!

Op. 112 (2):  It seems it is a block of flats at this address.

A.M.: Please, come quickly, I am scared!…
Policeman (1): What block is up there? You said it is a block.
A.M.: It is not a block, it is a house, a courtyard…

Policeman (1): A house, OK, stay there, a squad will come, OK?
Op. 112 (2) (ironic tone): She is locked …
A.M.: Please, come quickly, I am scared of him, he has beaten me…

Policeman(1): (imperative tone): All right, all right, stay there!

A.M.: I stay here because I cannot get out, please, come (desperate call)

Policeman (1): Are you with somebody? Are you alone? How did you get there?
A.M.: Noooo, I am alone, I am alone, please…

Policeman (1): I got it, your are alone, stay there!
A.M.: (almost crying): I’m scared…

Policeman on the radio: Hello, car, 9 Antonius Caracalla, a girl beaten and raped is there, yes?

A.M.: (hearing the conversation, starts crying) Please, come quickly, I’m scared!
Policeman (1): Miss, hang up the phone, you will be contacted, the police is coming, yes?
A.M.: Please, come quickly!
Policeman (1) (pissed off): Yeah, right, right.
A.M.: Mister, mister, it is a big car outside ….
Policeman (1) (raised voice): OK, stay exactly there, at number 9!

Alexandra Măceșanu’s third call, 11:12:36 a.m.

Op. 112 (1): Hello 112, what’s the emergency?

A.M.: (desperate tone): Ma’am, did you send anyone? I think he is coming back and I am scared, he will beat me…

Op. 112 (1): Yes, have you talked to the police, yes?

A.M.: Yes, with you!
Op. 112 (1): What did the police say?
A.M.: They told me they will send a squad, but please, come quickly!

Policeman(2): Hello?
Op. 112 (1): Police? The girl is on the phone again.
Policeman (2): Yes, miss, tell me!
A.M.: Please, did you send anyone here?
Policeman (2) (irritated voice): We did, stay there for…they cannot fly in 2 minutes, young lady. Stay there, yes?

A.M.: (desperately crying) Come, please, I am scared…
Policeman(2) (ironic tone): Well, who are you scared of? Hello?

A.M.: (crying) Of him…he beat me.
Policeman (2): Who is him?
A.M.: He’s name is Popescu Lucian Gabriel!
Policeman (2): Popescu Lucian. Where is he living?
A.M.: I said Bold, 9 Antonius Caracalla …
Policeman(2): This Popescu Lucian is living there?
A.M.: I don’t know, I found this business card, I thought maybe it’s his card…

Policeman (2): Well, is it not his business card?
A.M.: I don’t know…
Policeman(2) (ironic tone): Aaa, you don’t know that either! OK, stay there…a squad will arrive in 2-3 minutes, hold on.

A.M.: Please, stay on the phone with me, I am scared, please…
Policeman (2): Miss, I cannot stay on the phone with you, we have other calls, too, stay there for a police crew will come, it will definitely come in 2-3 minutes, what the hell? (Alexandra’s hear crying)

A.M.: (crying) OK…
Policeman (2): Yes? Calm down a little bit, will you?

A.M.: (still crying) I am scared…!
Policeman(2): Try and calm down, well, will you? Calm down and the police will come, they are on their way…

A.M.: (desperate) OK, please….
Policeman (2): Clear the phone line, if we are talking on the phone, the crew will not be able to talk to you. A.M.: (crying) OK, OK, yes.
Policeman (2): OK.

Part of the conversations Alexandra had with the policeman and 112 operators has been disclosed since Monday.

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