Caracal murder case: Alexandra’s colleagues protested in front of the local police station

The colleagues of Alexandra Măceşanu, the 15-year-old teen girl murdered in Caracal, staged a protest in front of the police station in the town. “Hello, 112, I am Alexandra and I want to live“, reads the message the teenagers were displaying on their banners.

Most of the girl’s colleagues were wearing t-shirts reading “Alexandra#Hero”.

Locals in Dobrosloveni village, where Alexandra was living, say the girl was hardworking and was a good high school pupil. She was also taking guitar and dancing lessons. Alexandra was studying social sciences at Mihai Viteazul High School in Caracal and had graduated the ninth grade with high marks.

Her colleagues protesting in front of Caracal Police station on Monday say they are trying to change something in the society by their protest.

“I am sorry I believed in you. I won’t call 112 from now on”, a banner reads.

112 says: you should have called on Wednesday night if you have problems on Thursday“, says another one.

Some of the girl’s colleagues said they are hoping Alexandra is still alive.

17 children reported missing in Romania on the Police website. 89 victims of rape in the first half of 2019

17 children are currently reported missing in Romania, according to the Police website: 7 boys and 10 girls. The oldest case is of a boy who was 2 years old at the time he went missing 15 years ago.

On the other hand, 89 people are registered a victims of rape in the first half of 2019: 44 adults and 45 minors, with an increased incidence among girls. In most of the cases, the aggressor is the victim’s father.

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