Children of a secretary of state in the MFA and a gov’t councilor allegedly involved in a drug sale case at top high schools in Bucharest

The police and the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) announced on Monday the destruction of a group that distributed cannabis, cocaine or ketamine, as well as Xanax tablets in schools and high schools in Bucharest. Among the young people who would be complicit in the sale of drugs in top high schools is the son of a secretary of state from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and another is the child of a National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) specialist, they were taken to hearings.

The DIICOT prosecutors and the policemen of the Bucharest Organized Crime Brigade carried out 23 searches on Monday in a file regarding the crimes of forming an organized criminal group, high-risk drug trafficking and high-risk drug trafficking.

According to DIICOT and the Romanian Police, starting in 2022, members of the group sold high-risk and high-risk drugs to consumers, including high school students in Bucharest. Until this moment, during home searches, various amounts of cannabis, cocaine and ketamine, as well as Xanax tablets, have been identified, states DIICOT.

According to Digi24 sources, among those involved in the file would be the son of a state secretary from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also the son of a counselor from the Department of Romanians Everywhere within the Government, and the father of this child would be a specialist within the National Anti-Corruption Directorate. More than 20 people would be heard at DIICOT.

Cătălin Țone, anti-drug expert, told Digi24 that in 2022 there were students who fainted or had health problems, the phenomenon taking on new meanings. “Educational units have become areas of interest for traffickers. Minors are the most vulnerable. They are unsupervised children. There are not a few cases where parents are more concerned with their career, money, and less with supervising their children surrounded by thousands of temptations. When addiction sets in during adolescence, major problems will arise by the age of 23-24,” Țone warned.

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