CSAT outlines budget, military plan and energy strategy

President Traian Basescu requested the Government to think, develop and enact a strategy through which the transit of natural gas to be exploited in the Black Sea to be effected by Transgaz, and the gas from the Black Sea to provide the necessary for Romania.

Also on Tuesday, the National Defense Supreme Council (CSAT) approved the state budget “for the first year of war”, for the period 2014-2016, as part of the set of measures established in peacetime to meet the defense requirements while ensuring the activity’s continuity, in case of war. As for the 2015 budgets for the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior Affairs and special services such as SRI, SIE, SPP and STS, the Council said it would approve them after the government will have a clear picture of the resources at its disposal.

Related to a different matter, CSAT decided that all central public authorities and institutions holding classified information to complete secret information inventory and reclassification/declassification process and to solve the security incidents, as soon as possible.

CSAT also asssessed Ukraine crisis as well, concluding that it affects Romania’s strategic focus areas, such as air and maritime security, economic security, as well as the political dimension of the relations with the countries in the region. According to the National Defense Supreme Council, enhancing home and foreign policy defense strategies, supporting R. Moldova’s path to joining EU, boosting relations with EU and NATO member states and reinforcing dialogue with Kiev were set as top priorities.

On the other hand, the National Defense Supreme Council decided that Romanian Army would send a total of 895 soldiers in missions and operations abroad, in 2015.  “Regarding the Romanian Army participation in the NATO Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan in 2015, the Council’s board analyzed NATO’s requests for the supplementation of the Romanian forces and means aimed at participating in this theater of operations,” reads the press release issued after the CSAT meeting.

The Council also approved the supplementation of Romanian Army forces and means with up to 450 soldiers, starting next year, with a maximum 650 soldiers to be sent in Afghanistan.

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