EUR 1m debts to Composers’ Guild. Find out who owes the money and why

The Composers’ Guild should receive no less than EUR 1 million for concerts during 2006-2009 and for the respective penalties. The guilty party is Craiova City Hall, which has been sued by the Composers’ Guild, at least this is what they claim.
In its turn the Craiova City Hall says it intends to reach a deal with the guild and pay EUR 100,000, without any penalties, informs.
The Composers’ Guild has sued the city hall in order to recover the copyrights for unpaid concerts during 2006-2009.
The expert nominated by the court has found out that the Craiova municipality should pay some RON 5 million (more than EUR 1 million), most of the amount being penalties and salaries tripling.
The lawsuit has had no less than 30 hearings. The Bucharest Court is to give the sentence on Tuesday.

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