Europol President Claims to Have Purchased 1 kg of Cocaine from Constanta Port Without Inspection on Exit

The president of the Europol Trade Union, Cosmin Andreica, claims that he bought a kilogram of cocaine from the Port of Constanța and that no one checked him when he left. He posted the images of a package in which he claims there are drugs.

“We are in the port, we just got off a ship, talked to some workers and received this very good quality parquet. They assured us that it was the right thing… 100,000 euros for a kilo of cocaine on the black market. That means 1 gram – 100 euros… And no one has controlled me for now. We will try to pass with this seal through one of the port gates, where we have security guards, military police, border police. Important to say: this whole port is left in the care of a police patrol”, said Andreica in the video.

Andreica says that she personally went to the port, where she spent several days and tested vulnerabilities. “I didn’t have anything to test, because I didn’t encounter any difficulties in buying smuggled, banned substances, there is no control in the whole port, we don’t have any kind of tools to check people,” he told Digi24.

Andreica also claims that all security of the port is left to a police patrol due to the lack of personnel. We have a patrol, maximum 2, the same with the Border Police”, he stated.

“I left the port with the package on board. Asking if I will be controlled, they said: “You can leave, no one is controlling you”, said the President of Europol.

Georgian Drăgan, the spokesperson of the Romanian Police, told Digi24 that he sincerely doubts that the president of Europol bought cocaine from the port, but if this happened, Andreica risks being criminally investigated. He also said that the Romanian Police is paying attention to this case. The aspects reported in the public space are verified, from the data I have,” Georgian Drăgan said.

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