Gendarmerie chiefs sacked

Interior Minister Marcel Vela has announced the dismissal of the Romanian Gendarmerie chiefs on Friday. Vela had forecast the dismissal  of the Bucharest Gendarmerie Heads since early this month.

Interior minister Vela has replaced the Romanian Gendarmerie Heads- general Constantin Florea and colonel Grigore Ciausescu, who will return to the riot police inspectorates where they had initially come from.

Vela has named Bogdan Enescu, chief of Ilfov Gendarmerie, as general inspector of Gendarmerie and colonel Ionut Gabriel Campanu as first deputy. Campanu is the head of the gendarmes contingent in Afghanistan.

“Colonel Enescu Bogdan, aged 46, graduated the “Al. Ioan Cuza” Police Academy. He has worked within the Romanian Gendarmerie for 23 years. He is currently chief inspector of the Ilfov Gendarmerie and has nothing to do with the events of August 10, 2018,” the minister explained.
“The communication with the Gendarmerie lacked in several respects, as well as in declassifying the wire taps in the August 10 file (…) I expect from the new Gendarmerie chief to change the institution’s image for the good,” Vela said.

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