Gheorghe Dinca, the suspect of Caracal murders, protected by police from the people’s anger

Gheorghe Dincă, the main suspect in the Caracal murder cases, has been brought to his house in Caracal for the reconstruction of the deeds on Monday and he had to be defended by the gendarmes from the people’s anger.

Gheorghe Dincă has confessed to having murdered Alexandra Macesanu and Luiza Melencu, the teen girls reported missing in Caracal. He said he had not raped Alexandra, but just taken her to his house and hit her, which caused her death, and after that, Dinca said he had burnt her body.

As for Luiza Melencu, he said he had thought the girl was a prostitute and that he killed her the next day after he had taken her.

Alexandra Macesanu’s neighbours have also come to Dinca’s house today, booing and shouting “bastard”.

Policemen had to establish a perimeter to prevent people reaching the suspect. Two 60yo women have been stopped by the officers just before reaching Dinca.

Why do you defend him? It’s not possible“, the women shouted.

A woman said he wanted to touch Dinca to see if he will do something to her: “How could he do such a thing, to touch a child, with his sick mind?”

The grandfather of Luiza Melencu, one of the alleged victim, has also been prevented by gendarmes to get near Dinca’s house.

Angry, the man accused gendarmes of being “criminals paid by the state to not do their jobs”.

Both Luiza’s grandfather and mother have come to Caracal, to attend the legal procedure of staging the murder.

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