Hailstorm played havoc in Bucharest, other counties

Bucharest was under a code red alert for hailstorm on Thursday night. The counties of Gorj, Dolj and Mehedinți were under the same type of warning on Thursday evening. A storm lasting only 15 minutes devastated Drobeta-Turnu Severin. In Craiova, the parks were closed, and tram traffic was stopped. There was also a storm in Cluj-Napoca where, due to the large volume of water, the ceiling of a mall collapsed.

The red code for Bucharest was extended until 00.30. A Ro-Alert message was also issued. There are flooded streets in Bucharest, the Unirii passage was flooded for several tens of minutes.

The strong storm hit with wind  gusts of 70…90 km/h, torrential showers and electrical discharges in Bucharest. Meteorologists determined that phenomena had been more intense in the north and northwest of the municipality.

According to BoardingPass, a website specialized in aviation news, due to the unfavorable weather conditions in the area of ​​the “Henri Coandă” (Otopeni) airport in Bucharest, HiSky flights H4256 Timisoara – Bucharest and Arkia IZ1295 Tel Aviv – Bucharest on the evening of June 13, 2024 were diverted to airports in Bulgaria, News.ro cites. “The two planes that landed at the airports in Bulgaria will be refueled and then they will fly to the “Henri Coandă” (Otopeni) airport in Bucharest”, says the cited source.

A similar warning was issued for the counties of Ilfov (until 23.15) and Teleorman.

The storm also hit Cluj-Napoca hard. The streets became rivers within minutes. Several drivers were stuck in a flooded passage because they did not realize how high the water was. Due to the large volume of water, the ceiling of a mall in Cluj-Napoca gave way.

A number of 67 calls were registered to 112. People requested the intervention of the fire brigade, after floods occurred in households, several trees were broken by the wind or roofs were taken by the storm and thrown onto the road. Most calls were recorded from the municipality of Drobeta Turnu Severin.

There was a red code in Dolj county, in the localities of Craiova and Bucovăţ, with torrential rain that will accumulate over 40 l/sq m, gales with speeds of 70…90 km/h, large hail, and thunderstorms.

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