Head of the Romanian Police sacked in the Caracal case. Resignations of Olt prefect and police chief also asked. Protests in Caracal, Bucharest

Interior minister Nicolae Moga has announced on Friday night the dismissal of the Romanian police chief, Ioan Buda in the Caracal case. He will be replaced by his deputy Florian Dragnea.

The resignations of Olt prefect and of the Olt County Police head have been also asked.

A 15-year-old girl, Alexandra has been allegedly murdered by a serial killer, while another 18yo girl has been gone mission since April.

Asked why policemen have not entered immediately in the house of the alleged murderer, Gheorghe Dinca, the dismissed chief Ioan Buda said while in Caracal that the policemen wanted to break in the house without a search warrant, but the case prosecutor had forbidden that.

The cannot intervene earlier than 6 a.m., for the prosecutor did not allow the Police intervention until that hour,” Buda said. Asked if the prosecutor’s order could be broken, considering the serious suspicions of kidnapping and murder, Buda said the order could be broken.

Yes, other measures could have been taken, they could have intervened, but they haven’t. The warrant has been released at around 4 a.m.”, he revealed.

Buda also disclosed that Alexandra had told in her last call to 112 “<He is coming, he is coming>, then the conversation has been interrupted. “They were probably her last agonizing minutes,” he said.

On the other hand, the Special Section for Investigating Magistrates has started its own investigation in this case, to probe into the manner prosecutors have handled this case.

Alexandra, the girl murdered in Caracal, was the niece of Alexandru Cumpănaşu, former journalist and president of the National Coalition for Modernization of Romania. He accused policemen they had wasted precious time before intervening, waiting for a confirmation if the voice calling at 112 was indeed the girl’s voice.

Those people stayed from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. at the gate when a child is screaming inside? I won’t have peace until they pay and go to jail. They did not even believe it was Alexandra the one who called 112. They called her father to identify her voice. Do we have time for voice tests when a child is kidnapped? What have they done to intervene? nothing. They stayed near the gate while the girl was slaughtered inside. Policemen were standing at the door while my niece was being slaughtered“, Alexandru Cumpănaşu told Antena 3.

He said investigators “were so stupid and unskilled and they were very late in confronting my cousin, the girl’s father and her voice.

Alexandru Cumpănaşu announced he would file complaints against all those who intervened in this case, prosecutors, policemen, “all the bastards who killed a child and have her on their conscience“.

Locals stage protest

The suspect of the crime in Caracal, Gheorghe Dincă, has been taken outside his house surrounded by gendarmes as hundreds of people were protesting, asking justice for Alexandra. People were protesting against the way investigators had acted in this case.

People were displaying banners “Your recklessness is taking lives”, “Justice for Alexandra”.

Severla NGOs and citizens have also staged a silent protest in front of the Interior Ministry’s office building in Bucharest, lighting candles and bringing flowers to honour the memory of the two teen girls kidnapped and killed in Caracal.

Other protesters have laid down on the ministry’s stairs, in protest against the investigators’ intervention. The protest was entitled, “Mihaela and Alexandra, forgive our inability”.

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