Interior minister heralds staff cuts among Gendermerie highest paid chiefs. Over 100 employees at ISU Dolj would be related

Interior minister Marcel Vela has announced today the start of the reform across the ministry’s units, saying that for the Gendarmerie the pattern of the Border Police is eyed, to have a regional command that should have under subordination several inspectorates.

There will be some downsizing for the leadership position with very high salaries, so it will be good for the ministry as there will be more money for the modernization and to endow policemen”, the minister said.

He added that measures are aimed to improve the communication within the ministry, as it is hard to talk to 40 CFOs. “We are organised following the reform in 1968”, he argued.

Vela also said one action will be to demarcate the National Police from the Local Police, as there are many “overlapping tasks”, and also to correct some salary inequities. “A policeman in the Interior Ministry has a salary of RON 3,000, while a local policeman takes RON 7,000-RON 8,000, although he does less things”.

Over 100 employees of ISU Dolj, allegedly kindred

At the same time, the minister order checks countrywide following the case of the Dolj Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU), where over 100 employees would be relatives. “This pandemic might be valid countrywide”, minister Vela said.

Asked what steps he will take if the information in Dolj confirms, Vela replied: “You’ll see”.
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