Interwar Bucharest Portal: Virtual Journey through Interwar Bucharest

“Sahia Film” Cinema Studio and PeachART invite you to explore interwar Bucharest through the latest technology. On Saturday, May 25, from 1 pm to 8 pm, at the “Carol I” Central University Library, those who walk along Calea Victoriei have the opportunity to participate in a unique event in Romania.

Archive images from interwar Bucharest and characters from that period will be discoverable through VR technology and augmented reality. “Portal Interbellic Bucharest represents an unforgettable digital adventure that combines the images of Bucharest from another time with the latest generation technology.  The hall of the Central University Library (BCU) will be transformed for a few hours into a magical interwar scene through which visitors will be able to interact with the environment in a new way”, says Silviu Moldoveanu, organizer and representative of Sahia Film.

Visitors will be taken in groups of 4 and guided through the Interwar Portal, where they will receive the necessary information to familiarize themselves with how to interact with the three types of digital experiences: AR, individual VR and collective VR. By accessing the AR experience, interwar scenes and characters will come to life in the Hall of the BCU Hall, and through the individual VR experience, visitors will cross the Portal and be transposed into an interwar cinema hall, visiting a gallery of period images and exhibits. Also during the event, visitors will interact with prominent figures of the period and explore significant cultural and social events, presented in period documentary productions drawn from Sahia Film’s heritage. Thus, the participants can also understand the impact of those times on today’s Bucharest.

“In the month of Florar (editor note: popular Romanian name for the month of May), which brings us the first signs of summer fruit and promises of holiday trips, we invite you to make a stop in the heart of Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei. Here, the weekend promenade has become a tradition again in recent years, in a wonderful rediscovery of the citadel’s customs of the last century. We all learned about them from childhood stories, from images and sounds carefully preserved in grandmother’s chest, in letters, in books, in albums and on gramophone records. This time we offer you a space in which to explore the chest of memories in ANOTHER way, to bring them back to life together,“says Mihai Grădinaru, organizer and founder of PeachART.

To attend the event, tickets can be purchased on site by scanning a QR code. Due to the special nature of the event, places are limited.

When: Saturday, May 25, 2024, from 13:00hrs to 20:00hrs.

Where: ”Carol I” University Library, 88 Calea Victoriei, near the King Carol I’s equestrian statue.

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