Joint US – Romanian military exercise next week at the Black Sea

Romanian Air Force will participate at the exercise with three MiG-21 Lancer.

Romanian Naval Forces’ soldiers will train next week with American military crews Mount Whitney and Cole, within the Black Sea Resolve exercise, in the territorial waters and in the contiguous zone. Black Sea Resolve Exercise will be held on Thursday, October 23, and represents a carry-over of the activities undertaken in the spirit of developing a good cooperation and of increasing the level of confidence and security in the Black Sea, being held under the aegis of the Romanian-American partnership.

The Romanian Naval Forces will participate at the exercise with King Ferdinand frigate, two IAR 330 Puma Naval helicopters and a military team belonging to the Naval Group of Forces for Special Operations who will participate at the actions aimed for practicing the maritime interdiction procedures. The activities will take place in the sea and have as purpose the joint training of both American and Romanian soldiers through exercises involving the maritime interdiction, the submarines’ search and detection, as well as procedures of identification and tracking of the aerial targets.

The two American ships will dock in the port of Constan?a, between October 20 to 23, when an official visit to the Starfleet Commandment and socio-cultural and sports activities of the crew at the Romanian Navy Museum and on the sports base of the Naval Academy “Mircea cel batran” are scheduled. Whilst in port, the American soldiers’ program includes also workshops and concerts at the National College of Arts by the US and Romanian Navy Forces Fanfares.

Recently, the General Major Walter Piatt, deputy commander of U.S. Army Europe, has stated that the United States will strengthen their military partnership with the Romanian forces and will organize large-scale exercises in January. “We will soon increase the number of exercises in Romania,” said Piatt on Thursday, as quoted by Ria Novosti. “We have major exercises scheduled with the Romanian forces, in Romania and with other allies, too” he added, saying that these exercises are scheduled for January. “We’ll train again until spring,” said Piatt. He noted that the United States have been conducting  joint exercises with the Romanian army for a long time. “I think they are very strong and very capable. We’ll go on training with them and be partners with the Romanian forces,” said the American general.

The American Army took over the command of the ballistic base from Deveselu on October 10, in a ceremony presided by the Navy Forces Commandment for the Africa and South-West Asia Region. The United States Navy established therefore, at Deveselu, a new Support Unit (NSF), whose command has been taken by Captain Bill Garren and which is to become fully operational by the end of 2015.


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