Not a day without hearings and searches in most loud current files

Tough day for Adriana Ticau and Andrei Hrebenciuc, one being put under charges in Microsoft file and the other searched in illegal retrocessions’ case.

Adriana Ticau, one of the nine former ministers involved in Microsoft file, was put on Wednesday under charges related to the same case. She made no statements and, according to the prosecutors, the Communications’ ex-minister was presented in detail the accusations and the status quo which led to their demarche. On her way out of the National Anticorruption Direction (DNA), the ex-minister refused to speak to the press. She came over to the hearings accompanied by two attorneys. In Microsoft file, DNA requested the president a notice in order to proceed with the prosecution related to Adriana Ticau, minister of Communications and Information Technology during July-December 2004, for abuse of office, bribery, influence peddling and money laundering.

Ticau is suspected of having approved the budget for the implementation of the “Computerized Educational System” and respectively for the project aimed to license Microsoft. Also, she would have initiated and approved Government draft resolutions that would have encouraged the companies’ favoring of Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Siveco, respectively their collaborating companies. Her actions would have had as consequence the state budget prejudice due to the purchase of overpriced products and services or licenses 30 – 40 per cent more expensive, computers and software products at prices up to 50 per cent higher than those for the same products or for other similar products on the market. On Tuesday, regarding the same file, DNA prosecutors were visited also by Daniel Funeriu.

On the other hand, the anti-corruption prosecutors have conducted searches on Wednesday at the Bucharest office of Andrei Hrebenciuc related to the file in which his father, PSD MP Viorel Hrebenciuc, is prosecuted regarding the illegal retrocession of various forests.

Andrei Hrebenciuc was supposed to be taken to the National Anti-corruption Direction (DNA) Brasov, where the prosecution on the alleged illegal retrocessions is held. He emerges in the interceptions as being the intermediary via whom his father was supposed to receive 12.000 hectares of the forest belonging to Ghica family. Hrebenciuc Jr. had no public connections with politics or with what happened in his father’s career.

Last but not least, as a follow-up to the whole development regarding the new file in which PSD MP Viorel Hrebenciuc is prosecuted, the former Protection and Security Service’s chief Dumitru Iliescu was to be summoned on Wednesday evening by the DNA, as judicial sources told Mediafax. The person who allegedly helped Viorel Hrebenciuc in finding out he was being intercepted, was supposed to be taken at the DNA headquarters, in order to be presented the accusations in the MP’s new file.

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