Occupy in Romanian universities: Students protest against underfunding

Students from Galati, Constanta and Timisoara universities spent the previous night in the universities’ amphitheatres protesting against the chaos in the academic centers and against the authorities’ disinterest.

Students from West University in Timisoara, from the Constanta Maritime University and “Dunarea de Jos” University in Galati denounce their opinions are not shared anymore by the rectors and that the underfunding of the education system had “calamitous effects” on the quality of the academic studies. The students also slammed the high university fees, which have become “unbearable” for them, arguing that academic dropout reached 40 percent due to high fees.

The National Alliance of the Students Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) asked 6 percent of GDP to be allotted to Education. They also want that 25 percent of the students to be involved in the deans and rectors’ election. Increasing investments in halls and butteries, higher scholarships were among other requests.

ANOSR President, Cristi Popescu claims that students have come to the end of their rope, so that they want “to take their universities back”. “Starting today, we take the destiny of the Romanian academic system in our hands and we refuse to leave the universities until solutions are found,” he said.

The West University rector supported the students’ protest. “The poverty delivered from the Government is making our work heavy. It is a burden on our country’s future,” rector Marilen Pirtea said.




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