Polar cyclone approaching Romania, temperatures to drop to minus 20C, snowfalls and strong wind expected

Half of the country is still under a code yellow alert of snow and blizzard, and for the coming days, meteorologists are announcing a new episode of extreme weather. Precipitation will cover all regions, during the day there will be negative temperatures, and at night there will be minimums of up to minus 20 degrees. In addition, the strong wind will amplify the feeling of cold.

Counties under the code yellow alert for snows are: Alba, Argeş, Arad, Bacău, Bihor, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Braşov, Buzău, Cluj, Caraş-Severin, Covasna, Dâmboviţa, Gorj, Hunedoara, Harghita, Mehedinţi, Maramureş, Mureş, Neamţ, Prahova, Sibiu, Sălaj, Suceava, Timiş, Vâlcea and Vrancea.

Meteorologists say that on Sunday, a polar air mass that will significantly reduce temperatures throughout the country, the decrease will be felt starting Saturday night in the intra-Carpathian areas, the minimums will drop below minus 10 degrees, then the polar air mass will intensify in all regions, the weather it will become frosty especially in the western half of the country.

Therefore the minimum values ​​will range between minus 10 and below minus 10 degrees Celsius, possibly dropping to minus 20 in depressions in Transylvania.

From Sunday to Wednesday the maximum temperatures will be negative in most regions and will range from minus 8 degrees in depressions to 0 degrees – 1 degree in southern areas.

The cold air mass is bringing precipitation across the country, from tonight, overnight and tomorrow it will cross the country, there will be a mix of rain, sleet and snow, but turning to snow across the country. A more consistent layer of snow will be deposited in the mountains, where it has already snowed and will continue to snow.

All these phenomena will be accompanied by wind, not only in the mountains and in the lower areas. We already have strong wind in the mountains, but from tomorrow it will be like this in the whole country, initially in the western half, and then in all regions.

There will be gusts on average of 65 km per hour in low areas, but in the mountains they will be 90 km per hour and accompanied by snow. In low-lying areas, with the cooling of the weather, gusts of wind will amplify the feeling of frost, the temperatures felt by us will actually be much lower than the values ​​in the thermometers.

“The weather will cool sharply from Sunday in Bucharest as well. That’s how it will be until Wednesday. The maximum temperatures will be 1-2 degrees, and the minimums will drop to minus 8 degrees Celsius. There will be strong winds and precipitation that will turn into snow, and a layer of snow will fall,” an ANM meteorologist told Digi24.

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