Polar cyclone to reach Romania, cold and snowfalls in store

A cyclone that will bring precipitation, first in the form of sleet that will turn to snow, will enter our country starting tonight. Temperatures will be significantly lower. On Friday, snow will be present in most of the country.

Starting this evening, the weather will turn sharply colder and rainier across most of the country. It will snow in the mountains and, temporarily, in the higher areas of northern Moldova.

At first, precipitation will not be significant, but will be present in most regions of the country. The amounts of water will generally reach 5 – 15 l/m2, and isolated, in the mountain areas in the west of the country, will exceed 30 l/m2. Initially, it will snow only in the high mountain areas, at altitudes above 1800 m, say meteorologists.

Starting from the morning of Thursday, November 17, the area of ​​snow will extend into the mountain areas of the north of the country and a layer of snow and lower altitudes will be deposited.

Temporarily, especially in the second part of Thursday and Friday, intervals with sleet and snow will also be possible in the higher areas of northern Moldova. At the same time, wind will blow strongly in the west, south and east of the country, with gusts reaching 40 – 50 km/h, and isolated 60 – 70 km/h.

In the north and northeast of the country, the weather will become quite cold for this period, with temperatures that will fall between 4 and 8 degrees on Friday.

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