Pope Francis names new Roman-Catholic Archbishop in Bucharest

The new Roman-Catholic Archbishop in Bucharest is Monsignor Aurel Percă, who is thus replacing Ioan Robu, who has been in this office for 36 years, announced Francisc Doboș, spokesperson of the Roman-Catholic Archdiocese in Bucharest.
The Roman-Catholic Archdiocese in Bucharest is hailing the appointment by Pope Francis of Mons. Aurel Percă as Metropolitan Archbishop in Bucharest, while gratefully paying respect to Mons. Ioan Robu, who has pastored the Archdiocese for 36 years,”says Dobos, explaining that, according to the religious rules, as turning 75, Ioan Robu wrote a letter to Pope Francis saying he is quitting office. The Pope has accepted Ioan Robu’s retirement and named a new successor.
Mons. Aurel Percă, born in 1951 in Neamt county, has been so far the secondary Bishop of the Roman-Catholic Diocese in Iasi and he will take office the Archdiocese in Bucharest on January 11, 2020 within a solemn Holly Mass celebrated at St. Iosif Cathedral in the Romanian Capital.
Until then, Ioan Robu will be at the helm of the Archdiocese as Apostolic Administrator.
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