Rainfall and snowfall alerts in most parts of the country. Floods in several counties

Meteorologists announced that from Monday, from 10.00, until Tuesday morning, precipitation will be reported in most parts of the country. It will snow in the high mountainous area and in most of Moldova and a new layer of snow will be deposited, while rains  will prevail in the other areas.

Three code yellow warnings of heavy snow, blizzard, and icy weather were also issued. Meteorologists sent a report of moderate rainfall and frost for the period Monday, 10:00 – Tuesday, 08:00. There will be glazed frost reported locally in the southeast and isolated in the rest of the country.

The first warning, of significant snowfall and blizzard, will take effect on Monday, between 10:00 and 22:00, and targets the Southern Carpathians, at altitudes above 1700 meters. During the mentioned interval, at altitudes over 1700 m, in the Southern Carpathians it will snow and a new layer of snow will be deposited, locally consistent. The wind will temporarily intensify with gusts that will exceed 60… 70 km / h, blowing snow and scattering snow, according to meteorologists.

A second yellow code warning, of significant snowfall, will be in force from Monday, from 13:00, and until Tuesday, at 08:00, targeting most of Moldova, eastern Transylvania and the Carpathians. Oriental. Meteorologists say that in the mentioned interval, in most of Moldova, in the east of Transylvania and in the area of ​​the Eastern Carpathians, it will snow significantly, and the newly deposited layer of snow will be consistent.

Also, from Monday, from 17.00 and until Tuesday, at 8.00, a yellow code warning will be in force in Buzău, Brăila, Vrancea, Galați counties and in most of Tulcea county. There will be temporary precipitation, rain and sleet there, which will locally cause frost deposits.

Bucharest: cloudy sky, rains and drizzle

Meteorologists announce cloudy skies, rain and drizzle in Bucharest, until Tuesday morning. According to the weather forecast for the Capital, in force from Monday at 10.00 until Tuesday at 8.00, the sky will be cloudy and there will be rainfalls and drizzle, and the probability for frost deposits will be temporarily high. The wind will blow moderately. The air temperature will be around 1 degree. Towards the end of the interval there will be foggy conditions.

Floods in several counties

Hydrologists have also issued code orange and yellow alerts for floods in the western, northern and central part of Romania. There was a code red alert on Sunday on Bistra and Aries rivers. Alba Inspectorate for Emergency Situations issued a RO-Alert message for the localities threatened by floods.

Firefighters intervened to taker the water out of the people’s households in Bihor, Mures and Hunedoara counties, as well as in several villages in Apuseni Mountains.


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