Road traffic in Bucharest down by 36% on weekdays and by 54% on weekends during the lockdown, study says

The road traffic has decreased by 36% on weekdays on the average and by 54% on weekends during the lockdown in Bucharest, according to a survey conducted by Phoenix Media, with data being collected by 73 video cameras installed on the company’s billboards in the Capital city. Data has been analysed by D&D Research. The data collected during March 16-May 8 were compared to the same period last year.

So, it came out that road traffic at Universitate area (downtown Bucharest) has decreased by 70% on weekends, mainly due to the closing terraces and of all other business premises and cultural activities in the Old Town.

Although the average stood at 36% less road traffic on weekdays and at 54% on weekends, the traffic has been down by even 90%.

During weekdays, the highest traffic decrease took place in the Old Town (41%), followed by the Northern districts (39%), and the Eastern areas (34%). Traffic has declined by only 27% in the Western districts, and by only 17% in southern Bucharest.

On weekends, the traffic downtown was down by up to 63%, by 59% in the west part of the Capital, by 56% in the north, by 46% in the east and by 44% in the south.
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