Romania, among states to receive the immigrants currently blocked in a port in Italy

Romania is among the countries that is willing to accept immigrants who are currently on a humanitarian ship blocked in a port in Sicily, Italy’s PM Giuseppe Conte has announced.

There are 47 extra-Community immigrants on board of Sea Watch ship. They have been saved from the Mediterranean.

Deputy PM Matteo Salvini, who is also the Italian Interior minister, is opposing the immigrants’ landing in Italy. Against pressures however, Salvini has agreed to provide assistance and to accept their landing in Italy provided they are taken over by other EU countries.

So, Italian PM Conte announced they had struck a deal to distribute the extra-Community immigrants to Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, Romania and Malta, as Corriere della Sera and Adnkronos news agency reported.
In early January this year, eight EU member states, including Romania, have decided to take over 176 extra-Community immigrants saved from the Mediterranean Sea and stationed in Malta.
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