Romanian Climber Conquers Mount Everest

Romanian mountaineer Adrian Ahriţculesei, from Petroşani, conquered the peak of Everest (8,848 m), according to an announcement made on Friday morning by his sports manager, Ştefan Adrian Jurca.

“Ahriţculesei Adrian conquered the Roof of the World. It is on Everest (8,848 m). Next comes the hardest part of this expedition, the descent to the base camp, at 5,335 m!”, noted Jurca on his social media page.

The ascent lasted almost 12 hours, Ștefan Jurca also stated. Communication with the climber is carried out through a special phone connected to the satellite.

“Adrian left for the summit at 9:00 p.m. Nepal time and conquered Everest almost 12 hours later at 8:00 a.m. Nepal time. His health is good, he is optimistic and consumes little oxygen. It must be said that Adrian chose to climb Everest in the sports version, in which he transported the necessary materials and food by himself, above the base camp”, the sportsman’s manager also said.

Adrian Ahriţculesei is heading to the base camp (5,335 m) on Friday, but until there, depending on the weather conditions, he will make a stop at camp 3 (7,200 m) or at camp 2 (6,400 m), according to Jurca.

Adrian Ahriţculesei left on April 11 for Nepal, in an expedition in which he aimed to conquer the highest peak in the world. The expedition is scheduled to end on May 30.

It’s a new challenge. Everything depends on me: to be healthy and acclimatize. Also, an important factor of success is the weather”, the mountaineer from Petroşani declared upon leaving Romania.

He showed that from the base camp he will carry his luggage and food to the higher camps by himself, but in the ascent he will be accompanied by a Sherpa, who will have the role of helping him in case of need.

4Aged 40, a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Timisoara, Adrian Ahriţculesei works as an optometrist at a company in Petroşani.

In January 2023, he managed to conquer the summit of Mount Sidley (4,285 m), in Antarctica, and thus complete the “Circuit of the 7 Volcanoes”, becoming the first man from Romania to record such a performance.

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