Romanian transporters and farmers block the country on the German model

The announced transporters’ protest is blocking traffic in several cities in the country. Dissatisfied with the changes in the laws and the increase in the prices of RCA policies, they have taken the trucks to the streets and, with blocked traffic reported on the Capital Beltway.

Transporters haven’t announced how much will stay protesting.

Romanian farmers and transporters are unhappy with the cuts in subsidies and more. They have already started the year with protests on the model of those that took place in Germany. Romanian farmers say they will go bankrupt. Among their grievances is the obligation to register and do ITP for all used machinery. It is not the first time they have threatened protests that will block the country’s main roads. Reasons given: increased taxes, high payments at RCA insurances, long waiting times at the border.

 “The RCA has reached 4,000 – 4,300 euros annually, we don’t have the possibility even in installments. Diesel excises, taxes, queues at customs, my drivers have been waiting for 3 days, they also put them in parking lots. No, it’s inhumane“, says a protester.

Minister of Agriculture retorted: I have seen that the issues you are complaining about are related to RCA and driver’s licenses. Even if these are not the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture, I will do everything I can to support them to find a solution together. We have already arranged a meeting with all the associations and federations next week to present to them the programs we have prepared for this year. We will be able to talk, as we always do at these meetings, about the problems they are having and I am sure we will find, as always, a solution. We had these meetings scheduled before this protest occurred. I assure all farmers that subsidies are given on time. The diesel subsidy will continue to be granted at the maximum possible amount. We have a good budget, this year, we have funds provided for all sectors and we will continue to support Romanian production. It is the beginning of the election year and this spontaneous protest is massively distributed on social networks by a political party. No one has the right to use farmers, their work and Romanian agriculture to try to gain image capital or an extra percentage in the polls. Let’s not forget that these political parties have not had any solution for Romanian agriculture in the last 4 years,” Florin Barbu, the Minister of Agriculture, said on Facebook.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    They should have protested for the Schengen land border issue. Now they have to wait another year or so. Shame on the advisors they use.