Romanians protest two days before elections. Rallies all over the country

Thousands of people were demonstrating for a fair voting process with banners displaying messages such as: “We want free elections”, “If you care, do not stay at home”, “Come with us to be heroes in the runoff”.

Thousands of people protested on Friday evening in several cities, in rallies for the organization of free elections, the protesters chanting slogans against the government and Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

Thus, about 500 people, mostly youngsters, were demonstrating on Friday evening in the University Square in Bucharest, for a fair vote in the runoff of the presidential elections, but also against Prime Minister Victor Ponta, displaying placards with messages like “We worked for our children, we will vote for their future”. Protesters closed the ranks later on, about 2,000 of them arriving at the Gov’t and PSD HQs at about 10 pm, chanting “Thieves” and “DNA”.

Similar demonstrations take place, on Friday evening, in various cities all over the country, among which Timi?oara, Sibiu, Oradea, Târgu-Mure?, Arad, Ia?i, Bra?ov, Craiova and Gala?i. In Cluj, 10,000 persons rallied downtown, chanting against PM Ponta and PSD.

“A lot of Romanians could not cast their votes in Diaspora and there are a high risk to happen again in the runoff. Ponta’s measures for Sunday’s ballot did not convince us,” Cornel Vâlcu, one of the protest’s organizers said.

Approximately 1.000 protesters gathered in Arad for similar rallies. One of the organizers of the protests in Arad, Vlad Boto?, told Mediafax that through these protests the Government is requested to organize free elections within our borders but also in Diaspora.

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