Russians hit Odessa with Kinjal hypersonic missiles. Bodies 44 civilians found under bombed-out building in Izium

Attacks by Russian troops were focused in eastern Ukraine overnight, with numerous explosions being reported in the Lugansk region, where fighting for control of two localities is taking place. Ukrainian troops withdrew from Popansa, which is now under Russian control. In the Donetsk region, the mayor of Sloviansk announced that the city center had been bombed.

Shootings also continued in Nikolaev, one of the cities targeted since the early days of the war. A spokesman for the Pentagon said in Washington that the United States had signs that Ukrainians had been forcibly taken to Russia.

The Kyiv government is talking about more than a million people who have been deported and imprisoned in camps. “I don’t know how many camps there are or what they look like. But we have information that Ukrainians are being sent against their will to Russia,” the US official said.

Odessa, hit by Russian missiles

A person was killed and other five injured following the missile attack on Odessa, the Ukrainian Army reports.

Three Kinjal missiles – Russia’s new hypersonic missiles – were shot down from a plane and hit “a tourist infrastructure target”, said Sergei Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odessa regional military administration, quoted by CNN.

Bratchuk did not identify the target of the attacks, but CNN verified the authenticity of two videos shared on social media, which show significant damage to a hotel in Zatoka.

This is the second hotel in the Odessa region to be bombed on Monday. One of the videos was first posted by Odessa City Council. It is unclear why the two hotels were the target of the attacks or who was staying in them. A shopping center was also hit by seven missiles, according to the Southern Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Zelensky asks for help to resume trade: No port operates in Odessa

Trade in Ukrainian ports is blocked, said President Volodymyr Zelensky, who called on the international community to take immediate action to resume wheat shipments and prevent a global food crisis, Reuters reports.

Volodymyr Zelensky made the remarks after speaking with European Council President Charles Michel, who was visiting Odessa – the main port on the Black Sea for agricultural exports, where missiles hit tourist sites and destroyed several buildings on Monday.

“No port is operating in Odessa. This probably never happened in Odessa after World War II,” he said, noting that normal maritime life is blocked by Russia, and this affects not only Ukraine.

“Without our agricultural exports, dozens of countries around the world are already on the brink of food shortages. And over time, that can be a daunting task. Politicians are already discussing the possible consequences of the price crisis and the famine in Africa and Asia. This is a direct consequence of Russian aggression, which can only be overcome together – by all Europeans, by the whole free world. It can be overcome by putting pressure on Russia, effectively forcing Russia to stop this shameful war,” Volodymyr Zelensky added.


44 bodies found under the ruins of a bombed-out building in Izium

The bodies of 44 civilians were found in the rubble of a building in Izium, bombed by Russia in March, a Ukrainian official said. On the other hand, at least 100 civilians are still trapped inside the Azovstal steel plant, which is still being bombed by the Russians. An adviser to the mayor of Mariupol said that at least 100 civilians are still there, in addition to the soldiers fighting, writes SkyNews. Ukraine’s defense minister says Russian troops are carrying out “assault operations”, attacking with tanks and artillery.

Ragged Ukrainian flag resists over Azovstal plant

A ragged Ukrainian flag still flutters over the Azovstal steelworks, where the last defenders of the port city of Mariupol have retreated and taken refuge, reports The Guardian. A short video distributed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shows on the 75th day of the conflict an image that seems to be symbolic for the whole country under siege, a flag in the colors of Ukraine still stands hoisted at the factory, although torn . “Damaged, but persists,” said Politico journalist Christopher Miller. “A Victorian flag is not somewhere in a foreign capital. It flies over its own land, “the Ukrainian Defense Ministry wrote in the short images.

British Defense Ministry: Russia’s invasion plan based on wrong assumption

In Tuesday morning’s analysis of the war, the British Ministry of Defense points out that Russia’s underestimation of Ukrainian resistance and poor planning of the “best scenario” have led to demonstrable operational failures, preventing Vladimir Putin from announcing success. significant military in Ukraine at the Victory Day parade on May 9.

The British say that it is very likely that Russia’s invasion plan was based on the wrong assumption that it would meet with limited resistance and be able to encircle and bypass the urban population centers at a rapid pace. London says that this assumption led the Russian forces to try to carry out the opening phase of the operation with an easy, precise approach, meant to achieve a quick victory with minimal costs. This miscalculation has led to unsustainable losses and a subsequent reduction in Russia’s operational concentration, according to the British Ministry of Defense.

The United States will provide additional $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine 

Democrats in the US Congress have agreed to provide an additional $ 39.8 billion in aid to Ukraine, Reuters reports, citing sources close to the talks. On April 28, Joe Biden asked Congress for $ 33 billion to support Ukraine, including more than $ 20 billion in military assistance. The new proposal includes an additional $ 3.4 billion in military aid and $ 3.4 billion in humanitarian aid, sources said.

On Monday, President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass Ukraine’s aid law “immediately”, warning for the first time that existing aid would run out in “about ten days”.  Democrats and Republicans have said they support more aid for Ukraine and will quickly approve emergency funding, but it has been delayed by disputes between the parties over whether additional funding should be included to improve Covid-19 or stricter controls on immigration.

German FM visits Bucha

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday, the most important German official to visit the country since the Russian invasion began on February 24, Reuters and AFP reported. She. visited Bucha, , one of the places where Russians committed war crimes.

Charles Michel talks to Ukrainian PM in anti-aircraft shelter

The moment that European Council President Charles Michel, who was visiting Odessa on Monday, is taking refuge in an anti-aircraft shelter as Russians launch new attacks was captured on cameras.During a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, “participants had to interrupt the meeting to take shelter while the missiles hit the region again.” The image of the two talking in the shelter was published by the Prime Minister of Ukraine on twitter.

Ursula von der Leyen announces “progress” after dinner with Viktor Orban discussing EU embargo on Russian oil 

Both European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that after Monday’s meeting between EU official and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, progress had been made on imposing the European embargo on imports. However, the head of diplomacy in Budapest reiterated the idea that banning Russian oil “in its current form” would mean “launching an atomic bomb on the Hungarian economy”. Budapest has so far blocked the embargo on the grounds that such a sanction against Moscow would affect Hungary’s energy security.

Chechens Stole Agroquipment for $5 million, But Could Not Start It

The occupiers stole and brought Ukrainian agricultural machinery to Chechnya but could not start it because Ukrainians blocked it remotely

Marauders who came to Ukraine to fight against culture and progress once again robbed the Ukrainian economy. This time the victims of the Russians were Agrotek, a distributor of John Deere equipment. The total amount of damage, namely the theft of 27 units of equipment, is estimated at $5 million. As the GPS installed on the equipment shows, the whole batch of stolen combines, reapers, etc., is already 700 km from Melitopol — in Chechnya, the village of Zakhan Yurt. The entire report here.

Lithuania Recognized Russia’s Genocide Against Ukrainians

On May 10, the Lithuanian Seimas unanimously adopted a resolution that, at the state level, recognizes Russia’s war against Ukraine as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

“It is not for nothing that the resolution mentions the resolution on equating the Holodomor with genocide, which shows that Russia has not changed. Since the time of the tsarist rule, it has been essentially an autocratic state, and Putin continues the work of Stalin. Then the genocide began. And Putin’s Russia is just a reincarnation of Soviet Stalin’s Russia — the Soviet Union,” Paulus Saudargas, one of the sponsors of the resolution, said according to


Russians Blew Up the Jewish Cemetery

On May 8, Putin’s “army”, which came to “denazify” Ukraine, blew up the cemetery where Jews had been buried since 1824. The United Jewish Community of Ukraine has already confirmed information about the explosions. The damage done to the ancient and valuable cemetery cannot be estimated.

“Today, in the Hlukhiv community of Shostka district, Russians bombed a Jewish cemetery! This is how the Day of remembrance and reconciliation took place in the Sumy region. What kind of reconciliation can there be?! Never. Only a complete victory over fascism. It has not disappeared: today the nazis are Russia,” Sumy regional administration chairman Dmytro Zhyvytskyy. Read the full story here.

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