Sandu, one of the protagonists of the documentary ‘The Romanians are coming’, has returned home. He wants to learn English and go back

Sandu, one of gypsies that became famous due to the British documentary “The Romanians are coming,” has returned home to Baia Mare, back to his 14 children.

The man was unable to find work because he doesn’t know the language and has returned home to learn English. He says that Britain has changed him and he is going to try his luck again, ProTV informs.

“We’ll go to England again to seek work on the longer term, so we can take our family there, it would be better”.

Father of 14 children, the gypsy (Roma ethnic) sold his car so that he could go along with the eldest son to work in the UK.

Arriving in Liverpool, Sandu was amazed by the British ‘universe’. Although he does not understand a word of English, he realized that living in England is better than living at home.

He thought he has gone to heaven when he saw the abandoned houses on the outskirts of London – more beautiful than what he expected.

Despite having job offers, Sandu refused them because he did not understand what was being offered. After only one week he came back home to the room where there’s a crowd of 16 souls. He is now even poorer than when he left. The only thing that he brought home for the children is a scooter.

The British documentary that made him famous had reactions everywhere. The Romanians in England were outraged, saying the documentary was biased.

“Romanians were upset because they said that we go there to beg or to rob. I went there not to beg or to steal. I left the country to find any kind of work. I was ready even to sweep toilets. I went to look for work for my children’s future,” said Sandu Banta.

But Sandu does not give up. He’s going to learn English and to return to the UK to find work.

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