Son of former LPF president, Mario Iorgulescu, on drugs when he caused car crash

Coroners confirmed that Mario Iorgulescu, son of former Professional Football League (LPF) president Gino Iorgulescu, was on drugs when he caused the car accident that claimed the life of a young man. Mario Iorgulescu is currently in serious condition in hospital.

Medical examiners’ preliminary report has announced earlier today that Mario had taken drugs and had been drunk when he was driving his Aston Martin and caused the fatal crash.

Official results released later on confirmed Mario Iorgulescu had taken cocaine and had a level of 1.96 grams/liter pure alcohol in his blood, determined after the first blood test and 1,76 g/l alcohol after the second test.

Mario Iorgulescu has caused a terrible accident on Sunday while driving his Aston Marton. He lost control of his luxury car on Chitila Avenue on the Bucharest’s ring road to Constant Bridge, took the wrong lane of the road and crashed to another car driven by a 24-year-old man who died instantly.

Police reported that the speedometer of Mario’s car stopped at 240kmph, but it is not certain the car really reached that speed.

Mario Iorgulescu is currently hospitalised at Elias Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, on life support.

Three years ago, Mario Iorgulescu was detained by Police, along with three others in a file on deeds of deprivation of liberty, assault and violence, destruction and aiding and favouring the offender.


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