“Spring Storm 18”: Romania, US marines attend amphibious drop operation at Capu Midia

Romanian and US Marines are attending an amphibius drop operation on the beach in Capu Midia, Black Sea shore in Romania, within the “Spring Storm 18” multinational exercise.

The scenario includes an amphibious drop episode and a battle against a hostile militia group. According to the exercise, the Romanian and US marines will attack the enemy territory, and the military on board will secure the intervention area, explained the Naval Forces Staff.

After the annihilation of the enemy, “the hostilities” will continue in an urban shooting range where the troops will exercise how to deactivate improvised bombs, how to release hostages and how to retake a remote locality.

More than 1,700 Romanian and foreign military take part for ten days to one of the largest multinational drills in Dobrogea and the international waters of the Black Sea, Spring Storm 18, organised by the Romanian Navy Forces.

According to the Romanian Naval Forces, Spring Storm 18 takes place during March 5-15, and is based on the concept of joint training of the naval air and terrestrial forces, with stress laid on allied amphibious operations, fight seafaring sequences against marine mines in an area of onshore landing.

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